the Sun serves a shit sandwich

Today residents of Earth recieved a utility bill from the Sun beginning from our planet’s conception: 4.5 million years (Science) – 830,000,000 days (Almubian) – 950 Montien units (Mormon) –  35 ass kicking years (Billy J.).  The grand total measuring in at over “everything you have” and that failure to pay will result in “Unhappy accidents, menaced trousers and ruined credit” have set hordes of people into protest.  The end game scenario for this band of penny pinching protesters is total inhalation of the Sun. “(explitive) that mother(eplitive) Sun up it’s stupid (explitive) sucking (explitive), Wooooo titties!!” cried out from one of the massed marchers.  Ass for how the Sun will meet it’s doom is still in question, solution ranging from “Get away from me you (explitive)” and “a long range ground to Sun missile” have been tossed around with no clear directive or fesible meens.

-Spooque Dukems

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